CMS stainless steel TOTESYSTEM® containers

The perfect match for high value dry food powder.
     - Stainless steel AISI 304
     - Up to 3100L capacity
     - More than 3000 units in operation over the world
     - No hollow body architecture
     - No retention area
     - Unique plastic cam door closing mechanism (no metal to metal contact, no        risk of loosing parts in product)
     - Internal welds polished up to Ra ≤ 0.8 µm
     - Unmatched quality documentation (FDA, CE1935/2004 certificates, 3.1        stainless steel material certificates, individual factory test sheets...)

Quality in every details : door

Special stamped profile for increasing stiffness 

White EPDM door gasket:
    - extra low shore hardness,
    - US FDA and EU CE1935/2004 compliant

Unique plastic cam door locking mechanism:
    - cam made of special plastic compound (high mechanical        resistance as well as low friction coefficient) cast on the        stainless steel bolt axis.
    - No possible foreign body and no risk of parts falling into        product
    - No metal to metal contact
    - High longevity

Quality in every details: top

Top lid in white EPDM compound:
- "non pocket type" prevent retention
- FDA and CE1935/2004 compliant
- slope for preventing retention

Enlarged inner stacking lugs:
- no hollow body construction (welded after top cutting)
- unbreakable
- enabling safer and easier stacking

Quality in every details: feet

Welded front feet acting as internal deflectors for discharging process:
no product retention area inside the container.

Front and rear feet:
  - No hollow body design
  - Prevent powder retention and easy
     to clean.

Unmatched quality documentation

All CMS TOTESYSTEM© containers can be delivered with:

   - 3.1 material certificate according to EN10204

   - FDA and/or CE1935/2004 compliance certificates for all non metallic       parts

   - Welding qualification documents (WPS, WPQR, welders certificates)

   - Individual FAT test report including:
          . Thorough visual inspection on all container parts (no coloration, no             sharp edge, no defect allowed)
          . Welds penetrating liquid test
          .Individual water tightness test

Four decades of innovation...

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