CMS a strong experience in various chemical industry applications

From plastic granules to toner ink powder, CMS TOTESYSTEM® and EUROBIN® containers and associated systems are the perfect choices for your industry. We developped strong knowledge and references in some very specific applications including:
   - Toner ink powder
   - Plastic granules
   - Rubber granules
   - Activated carbon
   - Tungsten carbide powder
   - Alumina corundum powder
   - Painting pigment powder

We develop and deliver built to last solutions, designed for harsh environments (including ATEX rated areas) and extensive production rates. Some CMS blenders for example, are in operation 24 hours a day since more than 20 years with a low maintenance work.

Our key values for industrial world are:
- Robust designs for intensive operating rates
- Machine safety is our priority
- Easy to maintain designs 
- No "black-box" components or sub-assembly: our technical documentations include datasheets and references of all non CMS sub-components used for building our machines with source manufacturer.
- Keeping a fair price / performances ratio.
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