CMS TOTESYSTEM® containers and system,
the reference for food and dairy dry powder industry

Dry food and especially dairy powders are the core of CMS business and so, since the foundation of the company.

Along CMS history, more than 12 000 units of CMS TOTESYSTEM® containers, aluminium or stainless steel have been delivered for processing coffee, cacao, infant milk or other high value dry food powders, along the world.

This major success is triggered by a 4 decades continuous innovation policy:
   - Creation of CAM type aluminium container with cast stacking features, front face and feet, no hollow body architecture
   - Creation of the platic cam cast on stainless steel axis for container door locking (4 years of development)
   - Creation of CAM type stainless steel container in cooperation of the expert team of one of the major company in food industry

This long story of breakthrough innovations is still in progress:
   - 2017: New design of a plastic hinge, hygienic, no metal to metal contact, easy to clean, hollow body free (Copyright) 
   - 2018: metal detectable blue gasket and top lid (under development)

CMS TOTESYSTEM® containers are manufactured in Italy, in a modern metalwork factory, using up-to-date automatic welding benches, highly qualified welders and lean manufacturing process. We deliver high quality containers with the best value of the market.

CMS has a strong experience in food industry standards, from US FDA CFR to EU CE1935/2004 regulations and is delivering high quality documentation, "ready for audit" whichever your end-user country is.
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